Friday, November 16, 2007

This total slacker pays the price.

I'm a slacker-photographer, slacker-knitter, slacker-blogger.

Ironically, it's a result of being less of a slacker at work. Feeling better means that I have longer, more productive days at work. Longer work days mean that it's dark when I get home, and therefore there's no point in trying to get decent pics of the yarn and WIPs. It also means that by the time I drag my sorry butt through the door, it's all I can do to get a (semi) healthy dinner made before I crash.

I'm a couple of pattern repeats into the first Herringbone mitten, and I'm really enjoying it (when I have the energy to pick it up). I'm just thankful that I didn't promise any Christmas knits to anyone, because I would be ruining their holidays.

I had been planning on getting a huge chunk done last night, since Hubby was working late on an experiment and it was just me and my TV. But, I think I was punished for being a slacker - on the way home I slipped on some wet leaves and nearly went arse over teakettle (after a very long and un-funny series of events).

In an effort to protect my uterine tenant (who is just fine, thanks for asking, due to my spectacular acrobatics and extra padding), I bunged up my knees and did a job on my hands; didn't even get a speck of dirt on my belly, thank le Bon Dieu. But, my sore hands mean no knitting for me for at least a few more days.

At least it's Friday, and I'll only have to handle pipettors like this for a day before taking a break. ;-)

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