Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween and all that jazz.

Halloween has always been sort of a secondary holiday for me - I loved choosing and making costumes with my mom as a kid, and as a grad student, I loved the challenge of going to the thrift store and coming up with something creative for under $10. This year, we're rather isolated, there are no parties to speak of, and I don't even think we have neighbors, let alone neighbors with kids, because our building is so darn quiet.

I decided to wear an orange shirt today, just to be festive, and I'll enjoy my M&Ms at lunch, but that'll probably be it. I would've knitted a little pumpkin hat or some other such thing, but my stash doesn't include much orange at this point, and I'm a little broke. There's always the peach colored panda wool, but it's not quite the mood I'm looking for.

Oh, well, I guess I should get some work done instead ;-)

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