Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another new project.

I've brought my own laptop into work today, since my boss needed the lab one, and so I feel comfy blogging this afternoon.

I've been working on an ever-so-secret project for the last little while, and I finally I feel like I can share it:

The worst kept secret of 2007!

I figure it's time to continue letting the news out, since we've hit 14 weeks. Most of the family knows by know, along with all my old friends back at my old university, along with our new coworkers here.

Now, I will promise you something (you, all four or so of my faithful readers) - Even though I sincerely believe that each person's blog is just that - a blog belonging to that person, to do with what they please - I will do my best not to turn this into a mommy blog. You may not be here for that; if you are, I'll eventually post a link to where I've been somewhat chronicling the whole experience. I can't promise that there will be massive amounts of adorable baby knits either, since my knitting speed has gone from slow to nearly non-existent (the booga bag, for example, is still only about halfway done - see below). I do have several pattern books of baby things though, and I'm going to choose something to start soon. The problem is that I've got work time to make up and sleep to grab, both having been interrupted these past months by some fabulous all-day-sickness.

The poor, neglected Booga Bag is now 33 rounds taller than this bottom panel,
but there's no excuse for such slow progress on size 10's!

That being said, I would welcome any suggestions of fun, easy baby knits, and favourite yarns for such.

:-) Let the adventure begin!

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)


maggie said...


Cara said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm sorry you've been feeling icky. I'm finally starting to feel a bit better - it only took eighteen freaking weeks. ;-)

Thank you for stopping by today and for reading. I appreciate it.

Here's to babies! YAY!

Ellie said...

Thanks guys *blush*

I'm thinking that things are starting to look up - it's almost 15 weeks now, and I can finally eat between feeling nauseous.

I'm treating myself to a little yarn trip this weekend, to get some Cascade 220 make a small project, a toy. Yay babies ;-)