Friday, July 13, 2007

This is killing me.

The IT guy came, and I love the IT guy. He doesn't assume I know everything about computers, nor does he assume I know nothing. He has this talent for explaining things at exactly my level of understanding, which is comforting.

Long story short - we had a brief period of remission, after a very tumultuous set of treatments, when the disk was repaired. Originally he thought it was a hardware failure, but this Disk Warrior thing seemed to eventually do the trick, fixing illegally named things and stuff like that. We tried to put it through its paces, and it didn't crash. I brought it home, did the same thing - no crashes.

I woke up this morning, did my usual thing... crash. Re-started.... crash.

I'm going to leave it rest for a while, because IT Guy is coming back to help the boss again in a few weeks. It means using Hubby's computer at home, which is also not overly healthy, but at least (knock on wood) it doesn't crash. I don't know what this means for posting pics, because I keep most of my stuff on iPhoto, but we'll see.

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