Monday, July 23, 2007

BSJ is finished, more or less

I haven't seamed the shoulders, because I want to take it home in August and see if Mom can fold it up properly ;-)

Until there's a pic, here are some details:

BSJ by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Started: July 1
Finished: July 21 (with about 5 days of non-knitting in there)
Yarn: STR in Sealrock medium weight
Yardage: After some calculations (and weighing the yarn at work on my analytical balance, because I'm a geek) I came up with the following:
the skein had 5.9oz/167g/[408yd estimated] (a bonus, as it's listed as 5.5oz/155g/380yd). I used 4.8oz/135g, which I'm estimating to be 328yd.
Needles: Boye 29" aluminum circulars, US7
Gauge: 6 st per inch
Modifications: None, as far as I can tell. I followed the pattern as well as I could, although there are points that were up for interpretation. It worked out really nicely, so I'm assuming I did it correctly. I haven't decided on the single crochet edging yet.

It's really small, probably qualifies as 0-2 months. Hubby doesn't believe me that babies come that small ;-)

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