Monday, July 30, 2007

As soon as one project is off the needles...

... another one begs to be cast on.

Unfortunately for me, right now my stash consists mostly of sock yarn, with the occasional bits reserved for crochet practice, and I don't feel like doing either.

So, of course, I searched and searched for what I thought was a good "next step up" project. I can do garter, I can do seams now, I can do socks. I also kept in mind that I'm visiting a lovely yarn store in a few weeks, and have set myself quite a healthy budget.

(Hubby and I are on a new savings plan - we live off of his salary, and bank mine. So far, we're two cheques in, and haven't had to go anywhere near my little nest egg.)

My healthy yarn budget for this trip was originally going to go toward some more sock stash, since normally I have to order sock yarn over the web. But, I said to myself, "Self, you know you need a challenge. You know with that overdone a/c at work that you need a sweater there, and you know that this one is on the way to retirement."

This is seriously dingier than it looks, it's store-bought, and it keeps shrinking lengthwise, even though it's 85% acrylic!

So, with that in mind, I looked for a sweater pattern. Something knit at a relatively coarse gauge (I don't have the patience right now to knit a sweater for my substantial frame in fingering weight), but with cables and fun bits.

Enter Josephine.

It may take some mucking with gauge, since it calls for non-US sized needles, and it's a hefty project in terms of the pattern, but I love the cables, and I love cabling without a cable needle. It's also a significant committment in terms of yarn alone, calling for somewhere between 1400 and 1600 yards, which is why I may forego the extra sock yarn stash enhancement. Hopefully the staff up at LK will be able to help me find a suitable yarn.

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