Monday, June 11, 2007

Work, now with 100% more blogability!


My own laptop is now officially on the network. I use the project laptop most of the time, but there are some programs that it doesn't have, that I have from my PhD work, so it was important to be able to use both with the internet to do database searching.

Plus, I can feel more comfortable blogging on my own machine.

It's interesting, how much I look forward to work now. My boss called in this morning, saying he wouldn't be in until 1pm, and that sort of clinched it for me. Before, that would give me prime goof-off time. Now, I see it as a chance to get lots of extra stuff done before he gets here.

(and no, dear friends, I don't consider blogging for 10 minutes goofing off... it could become goofing, but that's why I've relegated it to this one machine, which is also out of the way on my desk.)

I'll post some pictures tomorrow; I have to bring in my camera anyway to take a picture of the boss's chalkboard before I erase it. It looks like it has the grand unifying theory hidden on it somewhere, and I'd hate to be responsible for its loss.

Happy Monday!

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