Monday, June 4, 2007

So I guess it's a known issue.

Safari isn't supported. This fact is even displayed on the help page.

I mean, come on. That sucks.

(Maybe I'd be less irked if I'd had more sleep last night.)

But, I discovered something yesterday that makes me happy (and yet again, a touch pathetic) - butter comes in sticks here in the good old USA.

The Canadians may understand this - recipes usually call for sticks of butter, and we get blocks. Big old one pound blocks that are impossible to cut evenly into 1/2 cup squares when cold. My revelation resulted in a happy banana loaf for breakfast :-)

I'm off to Day 2 of work, which happens to be the start of Week 2! It's pouring rain out, though, and I have several business offices to visit on my way; I'll have to buy an umbrella, methinks.

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