Monday, June 18, 2007

A lovely weekend.

Well, my lunch is made and my bag nearly packed, so I've got a few minutes to give you a bit of a stream-of-consciousness.

We had a great weekend at chez Sciencey. Friday night we assembled our new kitchen table and chairs (I'll post a pic when I dump my camera). On Saturday morning, we decided to make the trek to one of the local(ish) supermarkets - only "ish" because it's about a 40 minute walk away.

(Side note - people here love their cars, and even though we'd rather not get one, it's looking like we're going to have to. The only stores within reasonable walking distance are small, have limited selection, and some are expensive. I include my dear veg and fruit market around the corner in this group - I'm getting a little sick of baby lettuce mix and roma tomatoes.)

So we made the journey, complete with hiking backpacks to take our food back. The staples there are so much cheaper that it's worth the looooong walk home with the heavy packs. We were home by 2pm, and relaxed for the rest of the day.

And, yesterday was even better. We slept in a little, I made french toast for breakfast, and right after lunch we took off for downtown. We were hoping to find placemats at the university bookstore/megamart (which I love), but they had none. They did have curtain panels, and we bought one for the kitchen. I also got a padded sleeve for my laptop, though, and I'm thrilled. I've been putting it in its large neoprene case, then into a backpack, and it's unwieldy to take on the bus with my other purse. This should be a good solution.

Before heading out, I also finished my shifting sands scarf and it's pinned out on hubby's (clean) work-out squares... and, you guessed it - picture later ;-)

Ok... 30 minutes until the bus comes... gotta jet.

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