Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Changing my mind...

... is what I'm good at.

I did some calculations with the ella rae, and while I could probably use it to make the BSJ, but it would involve lots of modifications. It's a bit too bulky to use with the pattern as written, and even though I could probably reduce the stitch number and such, I'd like to follow the original pattern for my first attempt. That way I'll really appreciate how the construction works before I muck with it ;-) Plus, I would need to buy some additional 24" circular needles, and I'm trying to live on a budget for the next few months.

I still want to make the BSJ, though, and I think I found something in my stash that will give me the correct gauge with one of the few circs I have at home. I swatched last night (no pictures, sorry), and it gave me gauge with the US6.

Today is a short day (I have to do a manditory safety course this afternoon), so I should get back to work.

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