Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blissful sleep.

One thing that we're really finding we have to get used to is the weather around here.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I come from a province where spring doesn't exist, and from October to May the damp sinks into your bones, making it impossible to really get warm. The good thing about it is that sleep is easy. I lived in an apartment where my windows literally stayed open year round, and I would snuggle under flannel well into May.

Here, spring is beautiful. The foliage and flowers cycle through a rainbow of colors, and the sun wakes you up every morning. Summer starts when it's supposed to - June 21 - and it reminds me to stay indoors between 10am and 2pm, both for sun protection and for comfort. I love it, and I can't wait to get outside today. But for the last week, sleep has been elusive. The temperature stays above 70 degrees all night, and the humidity is persistent (and completely different than the damp from home).

We haven't broken down and bought an air conditioner yet, for several reasons. Part of me sees this as a challenge - the locals complain about the cold, and would never survive a visit to my home, but I'm determined to adapt to theirs. There's also accessibility - we don't have a car, and our opportunities to get to stores that actually sell a/c units are limited. Thirdly, I'm not sure that I want to a) pay >100$ for what I was raised to see as a luxury, or b) buy used electronic equipment (from a safetly perspective).

Hubby is having a harder time of it, though. He, like most men, pumps out BTUs like they're going out of style, and since we married I've had to give up my flannel sheets (the blankets usually end up folded in half, on my side of the bed). Even if I can adapt, I don't know if I can put him through this for much longer.

There are reprieves, though. Last night it dipped below 65, and we slept really well. I even got up during the night to shut the window halfway, and I slept until nearly 9:30 (which is the best luxury I can think of).

So, we'll see how long we can hold out. I'm thinking maybe another three weeks, max ;-)

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