Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sorry for the delay...

First, I was sick. I spent two days being freaked out because my health coverage doesn't start until June 1st. Then I got better, but Hubby got sick. Fortunately his coverage started when he started working back in March, but it meant we spent the morning in the doctor's office, waiting to be seen.

We're all good, one of us is on some antibiotics, and we're cleared for travel for convocation.

But, on to the knitting!

Mom's Dublin Bay socks are now packed and ready to go, but I snapped a photo first.

(Kudos to everyone who's fiddled around with their timers and know how to take pictures of their own feet, necks, torsos, etc. This one took *ahem* several tries.)

Strike a pose!

Dublin Bay Socks from Mossy Cottage (link to pdf)
Yarn: Sisu, wool and nylon blend, color unknown (most of 2 skeins)
Needles: Size 1 DPNs
Features that were new for me: Lace panel, Eye of Partridge heel

The socks are waaaay to small for me. I have huge feet (blech), so I would've needed a deeper heel flap and many more extra gusset stitches (which I've done on my next pair, but I may have overdone). This yarn wasn't really that pleasant to knit, but once I washed them, it softened a little. More comfy to wear now than before, but I still wouldn't run out for the yarn again, unless there was a color I wanted (Mom loves navy, hence the choice).

*sigh* I have to pack for the trip. I don't like packing, especially when I only take carry-on.

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