Wednesday, May 2, 2007

No exploring yet.

I didn't end up going out yesterday; by the time Hubby got home, I had started un poquito of unpacking, and the weather was starting to get a little cloudy. He's left me his keys today, though; we're meeting for a lunchtime organ recital at one of the local concert halls, and then I'm going to go back and explore some more.

I realized something yesterday, and it shocked me that it took me 7 years to figure it out:

I like working.

The caveat is that I like working when I like what I'm working on, but I've taken the past 2 days to unwind after the whole 'finishing all requirements for the Ph.D', and I'm already going shack-wacky. Which isn't to say that I relish the thought of getting up at 6:00 every morning again (especially since our mattress needs replacing, and I've got joint pain now), but it would be nice to have plans from day to day.

(I do have a lead on a second job - it's not a post-doc, but it looks like it could be interesting. I have to hear from my other guy first before I make a decision on whether to move on the second one.)

Ok. More coffee, then some museum trotting before the lunchtime concert.

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