Tuesday, May 8, 2007

An interesting day, in which I crash like a semi on a snow covered highway.

But it's good. I think.

I had my first interview this morning, which in the end turned out to be the first part of a two-parter. It was really positive, and I really felt comfortable talking with him. The lab looks vibrant, and supportive, and there are about a zillion different directions I could take the research. The reason it was "part one of two" was because he's waiting for confirmation on funding from the uni. I know, it sounds like a familiar story, but I really got a good vibe. Plus, he practically begged me to nag him for an answer within two weeks if he gets off track (he has a grant due in three weeks). If the money comes through, then I get to go back and meet the rest of the lab, and give the standard hour-long seminar, etc etc.

The work is within my field, but a bit of a departure in terms of experimental systems. I explained it to Hubby by saying that it would be do-able, but definitely not a cakewalk. If I compare it to the description of the second job that I'm applying for (did I mention I have another interview on Thursday?! It's the 'second job' I mentioned before, and it looks like the title/position is flexible), they're yin and yang - The first one is more up my alley in its theory but a departure in benchwork, while the second one is a different area in its theory, but the benchwork is really similar to what I'm used to.

Boy howdy, it would be nice to have to choose. Stressful, but nice.

So, this morning's meeting was over, and I came home and promptly fell asleep on the couch. I haven't done anything except the dishes all day. It's day 8 here in the new apartment, and there has been something to do every morning, keeping me from sleeping in. On Saturday, Hubby's aunt and uncle came to take us to the local big box general store and grocery store (I have no job, therefore I have no shame). It involved getting up really early, and I'm so glad we went, and I got to take them out to lunch to thank them for taking such good care of Hubby while I was away, but daaaamn I was tired. Then Sunday was church - the local one has service at 10:30AM, but they dress decently there (i.e. not like students) so I had to get up early again.

Meanwhile, I talk to Little Bro, who is on vacation at home with our parents, and he's sleeping for 14 hour stretches to recharge his own batteries. Grrr. But, our weather is about 25ºF warmer than that at home... heh. heh. heh.

I'm trying to appreciate the weather, rather than just sleeping and sleeping and sleeping, because everyone keeps telling me it's just going to get hotter and muggier, and now's the most comfortable time. But I just want to sleep. Even this afternoon, I was going to veg in front of the TV, but one of the channels carrying my favourite talk show doesn't seem to be receiving.

I can't even relax properly anymore ;-) But I'm going to try, dammit.

So, how about some random pretty-pretties - Hubby grabbed these on his way home from work a few days ago. I was missing them, since my Grammie has six trees in her backyard, and I won't be home for the season; here, they're blooming about 5 weeks early, and they smell divine.

These are close to pink, right?

I got this green glass vase from Mom years ago - it looks really pretty in the sun, next to the purply pink.

I had one more pink acquisition on Saturday, but I haven't photographed it yet. When you see it, you'll know why.

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)

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