Thursday, May 17, 2007

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good - I got to spend more money. I had this old, ratty canvas shoulder bag that Hubby has insisted I retire. I loved it dearly, though, because it zippered on the top, and had an extra pocket (that, and it was a free gift from some conference that I don't even remember). I looked everywhere for it, to take a picture, but I'm suspicious that it was conveniently forgotten in the move.

Because I get 10% off with a uni ID (which I have already by virtue of being a spouse), I am already learning to love the bookstore/gift shop. It's really more of a little mini-mall of the classiest kind. And it sure loves my Canadian credit card. I went yesterday, and spent money.

And so, I present - the pinch hitter.

Oh, no! She's been assimilated by the New Englanders!

Yes, that's pink plaid, people.

That was the good, seeing as I needed a new bag, and this one actually fits my laptop, acoutrements, wallet, cellphone, and sock in progress.

The bad - I have no impulse control (which you'd guess from the shopping habit, but it extends to yarn too). I haven't quite finished my mom's socks yet - the second toe remains - but I would up my next ball of sock yarn. It started life like this:

With a good proportion of pink, natch.

And it has metamorphosed (with the help of hubby) to this:

I can see some socks in there, if I look really close.

Sorry for the washed out pic - it can't decide if it wants to be sunny here, and it's screwing everything up. But, the bad also became the ugly. Look closer:


And that was the second one in this skein. The first was a pretty significant slub about 2/3 of the way along, in the orange patch.

It makes me so sad. I LOVE STR. Love Love Love. And I would attempt to return this one except that it was a gift, and there is no receipt, and it came from LK, which is hundreds of miles away. I don't know if I should just knit along, or contact the Blue Moon girls. Any ideas?? Anyone??

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)

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