Monday, May 14, 2007

Bad blogger.

It's been a full, full week, and I have a full, full brain.

The employment prospects are looking up, but I don't want to say too much.

I did a whole lot of walking, and a not insignificant amount of shopping. But, we figured out about a third of the way through our expenditures that Hubby gets 10% off all purchases at university affiliated stores with his ID (and 25% at Christmastime!).

I bought a birthday gift for my Goddaughter, and a hat for myself, and the perfect earrings for the bridesmaid's dress I get to wear in September (and, if the whole store was buy one, get one half off, how could I resist getting another three pair?)

No yarn purchases this week, but I'm nearly finished my mother's socks, which I believe entitles me to fill that gap once they're off the needles. OH!!! Hubby and I went for a *$$ at the uni. bookstore, and there were three women, all about my age, sitting and knitting at a nearby table. I was too shy to approach them and ask about the local knitting scene, but I will be bring a sock-in-progress everywhere I go from now on.

More posting later, for now I have to go make friends with the people in the business office related to job prospect #2.

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