Wednesday, April 4, 2007

This talk thing is proving more difficult than I'd planned on.


Through a strange series of events, I'm back at my parent's place (have been since last Friday - I don't think I made that completely clear).

I'm trying to create a powerpoint presentation for the defense. I'd had one made already for a job interview, about 65 slides for an hour long talk. I figured it'd be easy to just pare it down to 25 slides (I have 20 minutes to talk during the defense before they start grilling me).

This is TOUGH.

I'm waiting for Mom to come home, so that we can go and visit Grammie in the hospital. She's being released tomorrow, so that should be loads of fun.

Sorry if I'm not making much sense; now that I'm feeling better, my nerves are starting to get to me again, and I'm not really eating or sleeping well.

Oh, to have this finished.

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