Sunday, April 8, 2007

Score one for the team!

*Totally will be too much information, but I'm tired, and happy, so I'm sharing it anyway*

I just got a call from Mom. She let me in on a secret - last night was a good night.

She had set her alarm for 4am, to wake up and help Grammie onto the commode for her evening bathroom break. When Mom got into the room, Grammie was fast asleep, having gotten herself up at 3am, used her cane to position the commode near to the bed, and got herself up and went on her own.

Then (and this is the kicker), when Mom woke up again at 7:30am, Grammie had gotten herself up a second time, went for a #1 on the commode, cleaned up, and went back to sleep.

Grammie's getting steadier on her feet, and is showing signs of determination without us having to give her a pep talk. Mom's keeping it secret for at least a day - she wants two good nights in a row before she goes and alerts the press (and Dad).

Yay Grammie!

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