Sunday, April 29, 2007

Goodbye old life, hello adventure!

This is my last post, for a while anyway, from my beloved province. I'm nearly packed, and will be getting up at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning to cab to the airport.

I've cleaned up the lab, said goodbye to everyone except A. and C., and even spent the better part of the day with Little Bro, who stopped by the city on his way home for two weeks of vacation.

I'm movin' on up.


miss ewe said...

That's exciting! Safe travels. I look forward to hearing more about the next adventure...

PS: is there a doctor in the house?!

Ellie said...



And yes, as of tomorrow at about 3:00PM, there will be a doctor in the house ;-) (two, actually!)

Can't wait to post my knitting, finally, either....

Ciao for now ;-)