Monday, April 30, 2007

Flying the friendly skies

Well, this is a first. I’m blogging from the airport but i’m not blogging from the airport.

(The airport is supposed to have wireless, but methinks it doesn’t extend into the new US departure lounge. Cross-border duty and all that.)

So, yes, i’m at the airport. I’m here a full 2 hours and then some before my flight, because I wasn’t sure how this preclearance stuff was going to go. I’m always über-prepared, and this morning was no exception. Of course it was all “stamp-stamp-thank you ma’am”, so that was a nice surprise. What also surprised me was the fact that they searched one of my check-in bags, and then one of my carry-ons. The checked bag was full of dirty clothes that I didn’t get the chance to wash at A. and C.’s, and they searched my make-up too, which I’d checked specifically to avoid those problems. The other really surprising thing was that my jewelry, of all things, was what held me up at security the second time. Stupid me – i figured it would be easier for me to cross my own jewelry in, rather than sending it with Hubby. But, it rattled a lot and that seemed to freak people out ;)

But, no matter what happened in those 15 minutes, i’m here, waiting for them to light up my screen that tells me which gate to go to. There are about 12 kids in the café, from what looks like 3 families, and they’re well-behaved if not a bit too perky for 7AM.

(Hey, wait a minute. The guy across from me is reading off of his laptop. I wonder if there are Ethernet ports over there. I wonder if I even brought an Ethernet cord.)


So I’m interested to see if my luggage makes it with me… Hubby’s bag was ‘delayed’ when he flew down a few weeks ago, but only by about 6 hours (it was dropped off the same night). I checked two bags, because dum-dum here was trying to fit everything, including an empty backpack, into one checked suitcase – I realized I could check my rollie carry-on too, and just carry the backpack and my compy on board.

(should’ve checked the jewelry too, but that would practically guarantee that they would lose it, wouldn’t it.)

Yay. Yay yay yay.


ETA: Found me some Ethernet connections. Fabulous ;-)

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