Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dad's in town, and Hubby's flying in tonight!


Hard to believe it's been two whole months. We've been married for 18 months, two of them spent apart... that's over 10% of our married life!

Yeah, I can do math first thing in the morning. What of it? ;-)

I slept pretty well last night; Dad and I had to share the hotel room, and he snores, but it was lights out at 10:30PM, and I obviously needed it. I didn't budge until the alarm rang at 6AM.

Argh. I just want this to be over. The hours are still creeping along. I've added another slide, so I have to re-time the presentation... I'm not going to bother reading papers, either, because there are just too many.

Blech. My coffee's cold.


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