Monday, April 30, 2007

Consumerism - yay. Not.

Well, this one will definitely be posted after the fact; I checked out the internet options before firing up the laptop, and they aren’t very good.

(Well, I’m sure they’re just fine, but I’ll be damned if I pay nearly $10 for a quick check of my email!)

There’s nothing new to report, though; I’m just bored. I bought two books for this trip – one knitting and one crochet (oh, the humanity!), and I’ve already made it through the knitting one. The crochet one is interesting, since I’m trying to teach myself, but without a hook and some yarn, it’s becoming increasingly frustrating the further into it I get.

I talked to everyone in the family; they’re scattered in a bunch of different places. I also nearly became one of those people who takes calls when they’re in the stall in the public washroom, but fortunately Big Bro was willing to wait until I walked out.

I’ve been awake for nearly 8 hours, and I still have probably another 4 to go before I can finally crash. Man, do I need to crash.

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