Saturday, March 24, 2007

Well, THAT was silly.

I just realized that down here, I titled the post about my Dad, but posted a pic of my Mom. Duh.
Doesn't he look sharp, with his fu manchu?

He's super. He's so super that he's going to come to the lab with me on Thursday night and help me collate about a zillion copies of this thesis. Well, it's only seven copies, but seven copies times 160 pages is almost 1200 pages in total, and approximately 280 of those have to be fed through the color laser printer a page at a time. He helped with Hubby's thesis in February, when there were 11 final copies to print for binding. (Yes, you got that right. I print off seven copies now, for my committee, and then I print out 11 more, since the first seven will be useless once corrections are made). Please, no comments from people wanting to save trees. I want to save trees too, but they make us do this.

And, just because there's no knitting, and I didn't have a camera to take a shot of the beautiful sunrise this morning, here are some flowers Hubby gave me in September.

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)

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