Sunday, March 18, 2007

One positive aspect to this entire journey

(there are more than one, I'm sure; I just have a hard time coming up with lots at once)

I just realized that, throughout this whole process, I never have to be alone.

I stayed with my mom for nearly a month, and now I get to stay with two of my closest friends, off and on with each, over the next month until this whole thing is finished. I rarely, if ever, have to come home after a long day at the lab to an empty apartment and dinner for one.

My friend A. met me in the city, and drove me back to her loverly new apartment. Her boyfriend had dinner ready for us - chicken parm with garlic bread (we knew he was a keeper before this, but WOW!), and now they're watching travel shows (keeping me away from trash TV) while I get organized for tomorrow.

I also got the draft back from the boss this afternoon, and I haven't had the heart to look at it. I'm too mentally exhausted. BUT - he said that everything so far was pretty good, just that there were parts missing (duh; I'd given him all that was done to the point of three weeks ago - many things have been filled in since then).

I printed it all out, and all the figures I have so far, and it's pretty good. Tonight I feel comfortable with everything, which is mostly why I won't read the comments yet - I want a good night's sleep ;-)

Tomorrow, off to work to reclaim my desk (the damn vultures) and pick up some groceries, then back here to write for the afternoon.


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miss ewe said...

Sounds really positive. Keep at it, Ellie!