Monday, March 5, 2007

Oh, how I love loopholes

(Or: "How I managed to fondle some yarn without technically breaking my vow of knitting celibacy")

This morning, I was chatting with Mom in the kitchen, making some tea before she headed off to work. I managed to bust a teabag, and was digging through one of the drawers for a tiny strainer, and came upon her stash of handknit dishcloths.

(FYI I have very strong opinions on knit dishcloths, although I've never spoken of them before. I love them, love using them, love how they look when they're new and fresh and pretty. I love their nice, soft cotton colors. I do not love the weird and wonderful stitches that some people use to make them lacy and pretty and flimsy - those are only nice to look at for a little while. If a knit dishcloth isn't done at a tight enough gauge, it stretches all to hell as soon as you get it wet, and can't scrub worth s#it. I knit mine in garter, usually with needles two sizes down from the recommended size, and just make them bigger. Yarn-overs are acceptable when making a border, but that's it.)


So, I was sorting through, and I found the first one I ever made (awwww), along with two of the aforementioned lacey ones. They had garter borders, but were all twisted mesh on the inside. Very pretty, completely useless, but yet brand new. We pondered over them, and before Mom could say froggie, I had one half-unravelled. She hates to waste anything, and would probably have eventually used these, cursing all the while, before giving up after a week and throwing them out. Between the two of us, we took 6 minutes, ripped them both out, and wound them into two nice, neat little balls of cottony goodness. One is vareigated pinks (yay pink!), and the other is the nice, soft buttery yellow color that I want to make a baby wardrobe out of.

(If I can find Mom's digital camera, I'll take a picture... provided she lets me near them - they've already been hidden from me, since I know where she keeps her needles.)

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