Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mood Swinging 101

Lesson #1
This too shall pass.

It's better today; I keep reminding myself that, in a lot of cases, no one cares about your actual PhD work ;-)

I've skipped over a small section of Chapter 3 (dealing with Project #1) because it was giving me panic attacks; fortunately it's not too long, and I know I can do it, just not right now. I'm working on Chapter 3, Project #2 and #3 for the rest of the day, which should be fine. I promised myself that I'd have Chapter 3 done by Friday, and even if it takes me until 11:59PM, it'll be done, dammit.

The cat has also now become my best friend, which isn't the blessing that it could be. My immune system is getting overloaded, and the mega-antihistamines can't handle it all. I'm starting to get more hives and more sneezing, just when the meanest cat in the world has decided that I'm his mom. He's chuffing like a tiger; instead of a continuous purr, he makes these little "ruff ruff" noises in his throat and head-butts me until I pet him.

Don't get me wrong - it's nice, after 10 years, that he's decided I'm good people, and he's good company during the day. I just wish I could be his buddy without getting so sick ;-)

Hubby is having a good week at his new job. His boss had a grant rejected earlier in the week; it wasn't a major one, and it wasn't like the lab was going to suffer, but it's still a bummer. So, Hubby came across three more grants that they can apply for (they seem to be quite well suited to the criteria) and printed them out for her to find when she came in this morning. When she found his printouts, she was ecstatic - she even called him a genius! Yay, Hubby!

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