Friday, March 9, 2007

I dreamed about knitting last night.

Is that a bad sign?

I didn't even think about it during the evening... I took a break and watched America's favourite talent show (which I'm now boycotting, but that's another story), and I had even gone out earlier. It was a fairly good evening, all in all; I visited a local store that's recently moved into a renovated space that's about five times the size, and it's beautiful. Mom and I bought Easter cards for the Hubby, the Brothers, and my Goddaughter, and even succumbed to temptation and bought some new eye makeup. It was a really good break :-)

But, I woke up after dreaming of needles and stitch markers and fuschia yarn (Fuschia? Where did the fushia come from? And, I thought most people dreamed in black and white; obviously not me).

I'm still feeling OK today. I realized something last night, which was similar to my other epiphanies - even though I have four file boxes full of papers, I don't have to include them all, or even read them. If I remember roughly what's in them, then I'll be OK.

Now, the only decision that remains is whether to eat a very late breakfast, or skip it and have an early lunch.

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