Saturday, March 10, 2007

A *fairly* productive day

Well, today was relatively good. I took a drive downtown into civilization, and the deep freeze seems to be over. It almost crept above freezing :-)

Hubby had a productive shopping day - his aunt and uncle from the neighbouring town took him to the local big box stores (which are a 30$ cab ride from the new apartment). He stocked up on some of the food staples he needs, but he didn't get the shelving units I wanted... that leaves more shopping for us to do when I get there, though, so that's not too bad... we can order Ikea and I'll wait for the delivery!

We've also figured out his flights to come up for my defense, which is nice. Only 4.5 more weeks until he gets here!

I'm hoping to get up early tomorrow and be productive again. Chapter 4 is breathing down my neck.

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