Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dear God,

Hi God.

Sorry to bug you again, what with all the "please let this experiment work" and "please give me the energy to finish this chapter" and all. I'm trying; it's hard, but I'm trying.

Now, I know You know I love a challenge. Heaven kn... well, _You_ know... how stubborn I am. But, I think we're good on that front. Juggling is fun, especially since I learned to do it with everything in my life except for tennis balls, but I think maybe adding anything else could cause some drops.

A. tells me that You're not conspiring to make this PhD as hard as possible, but that You're just making it extra challenging so I'll be extra proud of myself at the finish line. I like to think that's true, and if so, I'm going to be the proudest newly minted PhD in the country.

Just please, no more balls*. My fortune cookie said I would "pass a difficult test"**; I just thought that it meant my PhD defense, not the rest of my life happening around it.

And, please take care of all the sick puppies and kitties. And their mommies and daddies.

Thank you... oh, and Amen.

*My grandmother had a fall today. A broken wrist requiring surgery and a plate for stabilization, and a dislocated shoulder plus a broken humerus, requiring surgery, possibly pinning, and definite immobilization for a while. The doctors say she's very healthy for 87 years, and that the surgery will be fine. Makes it a bit hard to concentrate, though.
**Seriously. I got that fortune about 4 months ago, and taped it to my laptop. Once I have a camera again, I'll take a picture.

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