Monday, March 19, 2007

An absolutely wonderful day!


I went to bed early last night (before 10PM!), and rolled out of bed at 6:30AM. I managed to get ready in time to catch the bus with A. at 7:55AM, make it into work by 8:25AM, and shock the pants off everyone ;-)

(My usual arrival time is somewhere in between 9:45AM and 10:30AM)

The boss was in, and in a good mood to boot. We chatted for a few minutes, then I got organized. I sent out a few key emails (including one to the dean to update her on my timeline; she's been helping me out because of my situation), and did a little bit of work.

I left around 10AM to walk downtown for some quick errands. Forty-five minutes later, I had toothpaste, tea, pears, strawberries, red peppers, carrots, a cheap backpack and a shocking pink carry-on suitcase. I'd forgotten toothpaste at Mom's, needed the foodstuffs for my afternoon's work, and a backpack to carry papers back and forth to the lab (instead of taking file boxes on the bus). The carry-on is a necessity, too; I'd been using my brother's, but he's hundreds of miles away, so Hubby and I only had one between us. I went for pink because it's easy to spot - one of the connecting flights I'll be taking often in the next few years has no space for carry-on (bug-smasher 18 seat prop plane), so it'll be easy to spot when I get off and have to get moving quickly to make my connections.

And (say it with me now) -

I do love me some pink.

It is pi-HINK; bright/dark, not fuschia, not bubblegum. The closest I can find online is html color code FF 14 93, which isn't an option as a blogger font color, but is somewhere on this page.

I packed up my pink suitcase, and caught the bus back to the apartment. With some phone assistance, I figured out the sequence of five remote controls, and watched a little satellite TV while eating lunch.

I spent the afternoon going through the boss's comments, and PRAISE THE LAWD, they were kind. I have a couple of spots where it's under-referenced, but that's easy because it doesn't involve re-writing. No sections were horrible, I didn't get too many details wrong, and he even made a couple of jokes here and there.

A. and I then had dinner - some lovely fish with a crumby lemon crust, rice, and veg. We took a quick jaunt to the grocery store, which is a five minute walk away, and I stocked up on things I couldn't get from the downtown market today - diet pepsi, grapes on sale, melon, bread, and a bit of chocolate for energy ;-)

Hubby called, and he had a good day, but a late start. I call him to make sure he gets up every morning, since he has a tendency to go back to bed even after getting up, making coffee, and talking to me. We'd made a pact - every day that he goes back to bed *after* we talk in the morning, he owes me a skein of yarn. We talked this morning, and he sounded good. He went back to bed, though, after promising me he wouldn't, which is fabulous for me. The LYS down there is about five minutes from the new apartment; up until today, I'd been expecting that he'd buy me one or two nice luxury skeins for a scarf. He shamefully admitted tonight that he owes me a LOT of yarn.

All of that brings me to right now - working on figures while A. is off to the local craft store for some home decor inspiration (I wasn't allowed to go). C. came home from school, and he has an exam tomorrow, so he's studying in the other room.

Yay, me!

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