Thursday, March 15, 2007

100 reasons I love my husband.

I'm missing him particularly today, and on days like this, it helps to think about how wonderful he is, and why I'm trying so hard to finish this thesis.

  1. He loves me unconditionally.
  2. He is the most polite and respectful man I know.
  3. He comes from a good, kind family, and embraced that instead of distancing himself when he went away to university.
  4. He takes care of his mother.
  5. He followed his dreams to come to university, when most people in his hometown don't usually leave it; we wouldn't have met otherwise.
  6. He stays true to himself - he gave up a spot in medical school to pursue his PhD, because that's what he knew he was meant to do.
  7. He brings me flowers when I'm having a bad day.
  8. He puts up with my moodiness, and migraines.
  9. He dropped everything when my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, cancelled all of his appointments, and took a road trip so we'd be there when she got out of surgery.
  10. He translates for me when we visit his family, since I don't speak the same language.
  11. He notices when I get a haircut.
  12. He tells me I'm stunning whenever I get dressed up, and I can see in his eyes that he means it.
  13. He tells me I'm beautiful when I'm in my sweats, and I can see in his eyes that he means it ;-)
  14. He does the dishes.
  15. He hates doing laundry, but will fold it because he knows I hate folding.
  16. He lets me sleep in when he knows I'm tired.
  17. He takes pictures of things he thinks I'd appreciate, like flowers and squirrels.
  18. He loves to cook, but lets me take turns because he knows I love it too.
  19. He introduced me to international cuisine, and lots of local cuisine that I had never tried before.
  20. For our third date, he spent the entire day cooking, took the time to come to church with me in the middle of his dinner prep, and still managed to get a four-course gourmet meal on the table in time.
  21. He helped with planning our wedding.
  22. He chose most of the music for our wedding ceremony, because he's a trained classical pianist; he wanted everything to have meaning, and it did :-)
  23. He has lovely curly brown hair.
  24. He doesn't snore.
  25. He goes to craft fairs with me.
  26. He's waiting for me to arrive in the new apartment before decorating or even buying new furniture, because it's the first place that's "ours", instead of "my apartment" that he moved into after the wedding.
  27. He emails me every day, to tell me that I'm going to be OK.
  28. When he tells me about his day, he never complains, because he knows that staying positive helps me stay positive.
  29. He tries to make friends with the cat when we visit my parents.
  30. He makes an effort to do "guy stuff" with my brothers, because he feels like they're his brothers too.
  31. He follows me into yarn stores, even when we're on strict time schedules, and answers honestly when I ask him for opinions.
  32. He lets me put ladybug things around the apartment.
  33. He watches bad reality TV if that's what I want to watch.
  34. He holds doors open, and pulls out chairs for me.
  35. When I give him schmoopy greeting cards, he cries.
  36. When we only had one cell phone, he made me take it so I'd be safe.
  37. He'll give me the last of the pepsi.
  38. He always helps me to put my coat on.
  39. He lets me buy shoes, even when I don't need them.
  40. He loves my parents.
  41. He makes me soup when I'm sick.
  42. If I fall asleep on the couch, he turns off the lights, puts a blanket on me, and turns off the TV.
  43. He listens when I bang on about knitting patterns.
  44. If he doesn't understand what I'm talking about when I'm telling him about yarn, he asks me to explain ("Is sock yarn different than other yarn? I thought yarn was just yarn.")
  45. He asks for my opinion when he buys clothes.
  46. He's actually a very sharp dresser on his own.
  47. He doesn't leave dirty socks (or anything else) lying around.
  48. He gets excited, just like a little kid, over big construction machines, cranes, helicopters, and pick-up trucks.
  49. He lets me drive, because he knows I enjoy it.
  50. He has good taste in music.
  51. He asked my father for my hand in marriage, not because he felt he needed permission, but because he knew my father would appreciate the gesture.
  52. He proposed in front of my entire family, because they're a big part of my life.
  53. For our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, he went to the ritziest restaurant in the city, and got them to prepare a special box of handmade chocolates (the box was chocolate too) which was only served on their prix fixe menu.
  54. He laughs at my jokes.
  55. He has a cute butt ;-)
  56. He makes me coffee in the morning.
  57. He lets me have the remote control.
  58. He watches classic Disney cartoons with me, and laughs like a maniac at old Looney Tunes episodes.
  59. He has no idea how nice he is.
  60. He makes me slow down and sit outside on nice summer days.
  61. He love to straighten up clutter.
  62. He kills bugs for me.
  63. He's embraced my friends as his own.
  64. He lovingly agreed to be Godfather to N., the youngest daughter of my oldest and closest friend.
  65. He wants babies.
  66. Most of the time he's really afraid to hold babies, but he's really good at it and they love him.
  67. He's going to visit the LYS in the new city, and buy me a prezzie before I move down, because he knows how much I love knitting.
  68. He still wears the first present I ever gave him, which happens to be a (store-bought) scarf.
  69. He tucks me in when I'm really tired.
  70. He lets me take care of him when he's sick.
  71. He apologizes when he messes up.
  72. He forgives me when I mess up.
  73. He makes crèpes on Sunday mornings.
  74. He has brown, puppy-dog eyes, and loves to try to make me give in to them.
  75. I can be my true self, one hundred percent, around him.
  76. When I'm in a bad mood, he sometimes runs on the assumption that he screwed up, and apologizes just in case.
  77. He tucks my hair behind my ear.
  78. He makes sure that whenever either one of us is having a bad day, we don't go to sleep angry.
  79. When I'm up with a migraine, he stays up with me until it starts to abate.
  80. He buys the good parmesan when he's cooking dinner.
  81. He calms me down when my boss emails to ask about my thesis progress.
  82. He helps me compose replies to my boss's emails, which effectively get the point across that I've been working my tuchus off.
  83. He can make me believe in myself again after I've had a bad day.
  84. He encourages me to try things that I might be afraid to do, and go after opportunities that may scare me.
  85. He's become very financially responsible, because he knows it's very important to me.
  86. He loves knitted socks.
  87. He's reading my thesis drafts and commenting on them, even though he also has to study new lab protocols for his new job.
  88. He will still drop everything, 800 miles away, if I need to talk.
  89. We can talk for hours and hours and days and weeks and never run out of things to say to each other.
  90. Whenever we run into my last ex, instead of getting jealous or angry (long story), he puts his arm around my shoulder, grins, and says, "I win!"
  91. He always says "good morning" and "I love you" first thing when he wakes up.
  92. He doesn't make me feel guilty when I procrastinate over something, but he's the only one that can encourage me to get things done.
  93. In the new city, he emails me right before leaving work for the day, so I don't worry about him walking home.
  94. He calls me every morning when we're in separate cities.
  95. He also calls me every night (yay for free long distance).
  96. He lets me finish his sentences, because I usually know what he's thinking.
  97. He knows I'm not perfect, but he tells me that I am.
  98. He is perfect, but thinks that he's not.
  99. He's my best friend.
  100. He's my Hubby :-)

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