Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I finished writing up three protocols, so I'm posting about YARN!

:-) I need to have little rewards to look forward to.

So. When I'm not thinking about the logistics of putting together this thesis, I like to think about knitting. Big surprise. I have, let's see... three projects in progress waiting for me at the new apartment in the new country (presented in the order that they'll be completed):

1. Dublin Bay socks for mom, 70% completed
2. Thuja socks for my brother, modified for 60 stitches, 25% completed
3. Trekking socks for me, my own pattern, 25% completed

They're all relatively simple patterns, and once I have nothing to write in the evenings besides blog posts and letters home, they should get finished lickety-split. Which means I have to plan another dozen or so things to start in the meantime ;-)

Because I don't have much in my stash except for sock yarn, that's what I think of first. I've decided that I'd like to attempt to make Pomatomus, but I'm not sure which, if any, of my four STR is the lucky pick (the colors are down here). I'm leaning toward using Sealrock:

It's my only mediumweight, and I'm tempted to use it because it knits at the right gauge with smaller needles; if I have to go up a needle size with one of the lightweight yarns I worry the socks won't be sturdy enough.

But, if the whole gauge thing isn't a problem, though, I think I'll use Apple Valley Rd.:

This colorway is a bit more subtle, of course, and I think it might compete less with the Pomatomusness of the pattern. Plus, I haven't actually knit anything that's mostly pink since my first tester-sock, and I do love me some pink.

I do think that once I'm a grown-up-with-a-job, I'm going to see if I can't make something else for my Goddaughter, N. I'd like to make her a sweater, but at my present speed, she'll be a teenager before that happens, so maybe I'll do mittens and a hat instead.

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)

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