Friday, February 16, 2007

The eagle has landed.

Hubby just called; they're in the new apartment, doing an inspection.

  • The hardwood floor is gorgeous
  • The doorknobs are glass
  • The woodwork is old and beautiful
  • The kitchen sink has a functional spray nozzle
  • There is plenty of sunlight streaming in

  • The stairwells are very narrow and twisty, and we're on the top floor
  • There's no elevator
  • The paint on the woodwork has more layers than a redwood has rings
  • The kitchen is much smaller than we thought, once the table is in, and we didn't gain much counter space
  • The closets are very small

I haven't seen any pics yet, since they have no internet access; I'll have to wait until he gets to work. I guess it's in a slightly different neighborhood than Hubby thought, and that kind of freaked me out a bit, but he says it's still really good. I'll feel better once I get down there, of course, but I can't let myself worry too much until then.

Off to do more errands. Blech.

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