Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Anti-Valentine's Day


I'm still here, in my apartment of the last 5 years, and I have with me the following:

1 air mattress
1 laptop with functioning internet connection (until Saturday)
1 suitcase clothes
1 microwave
5 microwave pizzas
1 pile of thesis-related crap


0 husbands.

:-( My dad and my hubby left around 4PM this afternoon, to drive to the new apartment, in the new country, where my new life will start without me, while I finish up my thesis.

I knew it would be hard, but this really sucks. And I'm not the schmoopy type, either, but I'm now acutely aware of the fact that in the past 3 years we haven't spent more than 4 hours apart in a row. Now I have to wait 2 months to see him again.

My neighbor, who happens to be a close friend, is coming home shortly. Nobody took her TV (bitch!) so we're going to watch the tube together for a bit, and then I'm going to try and sleep.

Tomorrow is a big clean-up day. Oh, what joy. Not.

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