Thursday, February 1, 2007

100 things about me...

I feel late to the game on this one, but I have a meeting in an hour, so I figured I'd use the time to catch up. They're going to be random, since my brain is random lately.

1. I am a Taurus.
2. I exhibit typical Taurus tendencies.
3. I have an older brother and a younger brother.
4. I am a typical middle child.
5. I'm also a typical "daddy's girl".
6. I've been crafting since my first clear memories.
7. I've tried pretty much every form of art and craft, except for stained glass and decoupage.
8. I love knitting (quel surprise).
9. I hate cross-stitch with a passion.
10. I really enjoy sewing, provided the articles are more or less useless.
11. I have sewn only one article of clothing in 20 years of sewing.
12. My favourite sewn article is my mom's quilted Christmas tree skirt that I made for her 10 years ago.
13. My least favourite is the angel I made 14 years ago, but she still uses it.
14. I once sewed 45 stuffed animals, all 3" tall, for my Brownie troup when I was their youth leader; my title was "Sunny Owl" and I appliquéed a sunburst onto the back of each.
15. I'll never mass produce anything again.
16. My first real completed knitted object was a headband, garter stitch, in 1987.
17. My biggest knitted object is a double-seed-stitch scarf that is 8' long and 1' wide. It took me three years.
18. I typically do crafts when I'm trying to avoid schoolwork.
19. I am a scientist.
20. I wanted to be writer, but hated my university English classes, so I let it slide.
21. I love benchwork, unless the experiments fail right off the bat; then I get frustrated.
22. I get frustrated at the bench a lot.
23. I think that cooking is more like art than science, even though they say scientists make good cooks.
24. I believe cooking recipes are meant to be mucked with.
25. I love baking and decorating gourmet cheesecakes.
26. I can't bake good cookies.
27. I've never made the same cheesecake twice, because I never follow a recipe (but they always work!)
28. I muck with knitting patterns even more than recipes - I've only made one object using the recommended yarn and following all the instructions.
29. I met my husband in church.
30. I'm Roman Catholic.
31. I'm also a hard-core evolutionary biologist.
32. I believe science and religion are totally reconcilable.
33. I also think that God sits up there laughing His ass off. All. The. Time.
34. One of my favourite snacks is toast and cheez whiz, with chocolate milk.
35. I drink skim milk when I eat salt and vinegar chips.
36. I'm very messy.
37. I procrastinate like crazy.
38. I'm a sometimes-coffee-addict. When I'm on, I'm on, but I can go weeks without.
39. I collect ladybugs.
40. I can drink tequila better than most men I know. Without salt or lemon, if necessary.
41. I am an extreme night owl. The day's productivity doesn't usually start until 4pm.
42. I have constant insomnia, and have never fallen asleep in less than an hour.
43. I spent an entire summer sleeping in until 3pm, and I didn't have a night job to justify it.
44. I have autumn coloring, but I love pink clothes.
45. Most of my close friends are in the arts and humanities, and hate science.
46. Some days, I hate it too.
47. I love rollercoasters.
48. I'm an obsessive planner when it comes to travelling.
49. I talk to my mom every day.
50. I am a Mac person.
51. My husband is a PC person (but is buying a Mac next! woo-hoo!)
52. I have a hard time thinking of 100 things about myself.
53. I've never lived outside of Canada, but I'm moving to the US in 2 weeks.
54. I have many allergies, both normal and strange, including cats, dogs, pollen, dust, scented detergents, most perfumes, fresh strawberries, a certain brand of black tea, and synthetic hormones (incl. birth control). I break out in the oddest hives (the dermatologist wanted to study me), and they sometimes appear during times of stress.
55. I have been in school constantly since kindergarten; that's 24 years without a sabbatical.
56. I have an adorable Godchild, and she has already received 2 handknit gifts.
57. I'm a cat person, but love bulldogs.
58. (for the Canadians) - One year, for Tim Horton's Roll Up the Rim contest, I won on a full third of my coffees, including a free barbecue.
59. One of the saddest things about moving to our new apartment is giving up my free barbecue, but it's going to a good home.
60. I had hair down to my knees for my entire childhood.
61. I now can't stand it if my hair hits my shoulders.
62. My favourite kitchen appliance is my kitchenaid mixer.
63. I'm ambidextrous, but can't knit backwards.
64. I collect classic Disney movies.
65. I've never been admitted to a hospital, although I've spent countless hours in emergency with my brother (appendicitis and subsequent adhesions) and my husband (hypoglycemia and Norwalk).
66. I love post-its and crayola.
67. I am my paternal grandmother's only granddaughter, since my father was an only child, and her name is my middle name.
68. I was named after my maternal grandmother, who died when Mom was a child, but we didn't know it until long after I was born, and we found her marriage certificate.
69. People come to me for advice all the time, but I'm terrible at following my own.
70. I love mushrooms, but didn't eat a single one until I was 24 years old.
71. I think everyone who even remotely likes to cook should invest in good pots and good knives. We got both for our wedding, and they're the only thing we couldn't live without. Those, and my kitchenaid ;-)
72. I own an espresso machine, but only use it approximately 5 times a year.
73. My favourite knitting accessory is my stitch dictionary (I wrote two patterns the day I got it); my favourite yarn at the moment is Socks that Rock.
74. I can play the violin, but only traditional celtic music.
75. I love trashy reality TV, and often watch it over the phone with my dad.
76. I was never in a wedding until my own.
77. I'm obsessed with shoes.
78. I read my favourite books over and over again, and always manage to find some new interpretation or detail.
79. I've never been able to understand crochet, which has driven me insane, until I found a new online tutorial website. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll let you know if it ends up being helpful.
80. I was a really smart kid in grade school, but learned in grad school that grades don't make a damn bit of difference.
81. I can't keep plants alive, but my husband could grow a victorian garden out of dust and a couple of seeds.
82. The only rose my husband ever gave me was on our first date; he likes lilies, and we had them at our wedding. We found out that my maternal grandmother carried the same ones at her wedding, when we saw her wedding picture last year - the second eerie coincidence.
83. I don't always believe in coincidences.
84. I don't completely believe in fate, either.
85. Twins run in my family, and in my husband's family.
86. I've always wanted to have children, but never really thought a lot about actually going for it.
87. I got pregnant on the first try, but I lost the baby.
88. I'm hoping to have my first child in the US, so s/he can be a dual citizen.
89. I really don't care where s/he is born, though, as long as s/he is healthy.
90. I'm an eternally optimistic person.
91. I'm starting to use blogging as a way to avoid doing thesis work.
92. Since I got my good knives, I've discovered that I absolutely love to chop vegetables. It makes me feel like a real chef.
93. I miss living in the same city as my brothers, even though I know that I was lucky to have them so close for so long.
94. I hate to iron clothes, but love to wear ironed clothes.
95. I'm really good at packing boxes when I put my mind to it.
96. I don't understand the fuss about getting older; I'm looking forward to the milestone years.
97. I designed my engagement ring with my husband, and I'm so glad that I had input.
98. I'm having a three-coffee day.
99. My favourite day of the week is Thursday.
100. I used to be a size 18-20, but now I'm a size 12-14; I am completely happy with my figure, and hope that women everywhere can be both healthy and happy even if they're not a size 4.

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