Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Tuesday is always better than a Monday.

I got three protocols written up last night, and I figure I can be out of Chapter 2 by Friday.

That leaves me a full three... no, wait... four! weeks to finish. SO doable.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I finished writing up three protocols, so I'm posting about YARN!

:-) I need to have little rewards to look forward to.

So. When I'm not thinking about the logistics of putting together this thesis, I like to think about knitting. Big surprise. I have, let's see... three projects in progress waiting for me at the new apartment in the new country (presented in the order that they'll be completed):

1. Dublin Bay socks for mom, 70% completed
2. Thuja socks for my brother, modified for 60 stitches, 25% completed
3. Trekking socks for me, my own pattern, 25% completed

They're all relatively simple patterns, and once I have nothing to write in the evenings besides blog posts and letters home, they should get finished lickety-split. Which means I have to plan another dozen or so things to start in the meantime ;-)

Because I don't have much in my stash except for sock yarn, that's what I think of first. I've decided that I'd like to attempt to make Pomatomus, but I'm not sure which, if any, of my four STR is the lucky pick (the colors are down here). I'm leaning toward using Sealrock:

It's my only mediumweight, and I'm tempted to use it because it knits at the right gauge with smaller needles; if I have to go up a needle size with one of the lightweight yarns I worry the socks won't be sturdy enough.

But, if the whole gauge thing isn't a problem, though, I think I'll use Apple Valley Rd.:

This colorway is a bit more subtle, of course, and I think it might compete less with the Pomatomusness of the pattern. Plus, I haven't actually knit anything that's mostly pink since my first tester-sock, and I do love me some pink.

I do think that once I'm a grown-up-with-a-job, I'm going to see if I can't make something else for my Goddaughter, N. I'd like to make her a sweater, but at my present speed, she'll be a teenager before that happens, so maybe I'll do mittens and a hat instead.

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)

Yesterday. Not so good.

Yesterday. Well, it sucked, basically.

I spent the entire day, up until suppertime, just staring at the computer screen. Staring staring staring, without blinking at all.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a completely wasted day. I emailed my potential interview to thank him, and set up some future email conferencing. I emailed my husband to see how his day was going. I had chicken for lunch, and red pepper pasta for supper. And, I spent some quality time with the cat.

After supper, I managed to get two protocols written up, and another one started. I hate the way I operate, though. When I actually get going, I'm pretty speedy. I just seem to have the compulsion to quit when I get to top speed, and then I have to start all over again.

I know I have plenty of time. If I could work at top speed even a full third of the time, I'd be sailing. But it's so hard.

(Complimentary cheese will be provided to offset the w(h)ine)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday morning.

So, yesterday was pretty good. I'm into Chapter 2, and getting going on it wasn't as bad as I would've thought.

I'm cooking lunch at the moment... and trying not to clean up the basement. You see, I brought home a bunch of crap that didn't really need to be packed and catalogued to be shipped across the border. It's all swirling around my desk in craptastic cyclones.

Fortunately, some of it is really nice crap... the best part is that I managed to accumulate a pretty good stash of LUSH soaps and body butters and stuff, and couldn't throw them away. They're at about the same level as my yarn stash ;-) As a result, they're scattered all around the room, and it smells absolutely heavenly in here.

OK... time to check on my chicken...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

One week down, two to go (at this location)

Productivity - not what I would've liked, but still not too bad.

Sleep - not great, because of what I think is a sprained toe.

Food - pretty darn good ;-)

Next week - I want to be into Chapter 4 by Friday.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hallelujah for productivity!

Perchance I've gotten out of the gate.

I managed to get a couple of pages written this afternoon, and my intention is to email Chapter 1 to Hubby tomorrow for his perusal. Chapter 2 is about 75% done, and I set myself a goal of working on it by suppertime.

I'm almost done what I wanted to get done on Chapter 1! Yay, me!

An interview...

... to set up in April. Which is good. Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but at least it's a step in the right direction.

I also sent my CV to Hubby, and he showed his boss, who thought it was very well laid out, clear, and generally GREAT! :-)

But, man, I don't want to write. I have something weird going on with my toe - almost like a hive or a callus - which is keeping me awake nights with the most awful nerve pain. Blech.

Blech blech blech.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I need a job.

And, the search is on.

I won't go into too many details, but I haven't managed to get a concrete offer for a position yet. I just spent 20 minutes trying to gear myself up to hit "send" to another potential supervisor, and I'm absolutely mentally exhausted.

I didn't want to get up this morning and compose cover letters, or update my CV, but the pressure is on. It's cheaper for me to have my own health care when I move down to Hubby, than to go on his plan. And the only way to get health care for myself is to get a job. Normally I wouldn't worry so much about it, but since we've both been really sick lately, and I don't want to even *think* about another pregnancy until I'm completely covered, it's breathing down my neck.

Fingers crossed.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

My new home!

Hubby emailed me a couple of pics last night :-)

The bathroom is bigger than our old one, complete with a huge window!

The living room isn't cleaned up yet, but at least everything fits ;-)

This guy needs a name - he visits Hubby every morning.

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)


Well, it was inevitable, I guess.

I've been here for 5 days, and my mom has a cat. Normally, he's *her* cat, and isn't friendly to anyone else. This trip, though, he's my new best friend, probably because he's not used to having someone home with him all day.

(See? Booger loves his mom!)

I'm allergic to cats, but lately it seems like the reactions have been milder, based on different house visits in the past 6 months.

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning with eyes that were (ahem) crusted shut, and a drippy nose. I'm thinking maybe I should switch antihistamines and see if that makes a difference.

In the meantime, I should probably avoid him a bit more than I have been. He's taken to napping on one of the comfy chairs that lives right behind the desk here in the basement. He's good company, but a bit of a health hazard today.

ETA: So much for avoidance. Instead of napping on the comfy chair, Booger's decided to park himself on my desk, kittybutt squarely on some of my printouts.

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I [heart] unlimited long distance!

Hubby has a phone!

And not just any phone, but one that lets him call anywhere in North America for free.

(I don't quite believe it, and I'm sure there will be hidden charges, but for now I'm going to pretend it's free, and talk with him as long as I want).

He had a good day, or as good as can be expected when you're sitting at home all day waiting for the cable guy.

I had a somewhat good day, I'm still in Chapter 1 (there are four chapters in total), but at least I wrote some actual text instead of formatting ToC's.

Now I'm sipping a bit of shiraz, and watching the singing reality show that must not be named.

Not too shabby.

The plan for today...

Work, obviously!

(My Grammie calls me every night and says, "So, what did you do today?" and every night I tell her I worked. She giggles like it's a huge surprise.)

I have to follow a plan. I've figured out why I'm so paralytic, and I think I've figured out a way to get around it.

I can usually keep moving at a good clip once I've been productive for an hour. It's the jumping off point that's the problem. Each and every chapter needs work; I know that. The problem is when I think about how each and every chapter is breathing down my neck, my subconscious makes the decision that it's easier to do nothing than to work on one thing to get it finished while neglecting the rest. Then, my conscious mind can't decide what to work on first, et voila - paralysis.

SO. The *PLAN*.

  1. Open up the document.
  2. Start reading through document from the beginning.
  3. When encountering a section that needs editing, or even a place where a new section is needed, just DO IT.
  4. Repeat Step 3 until you get to the last chapter (which, technically, isn't. even. started. yet.)

Drawing figures will be break time, because that does require re-setting the brain.

Coffee refill, then we're off to the races.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A little bit of a section, and a bunch of formatting

Table of Contents is formatted... tomorrow, no excuses - paragraphs and paragraphs need to be written.

Hubby had a great day at work today, and so far (fingers crossed) everyone there seems to be helpful. They also were thoughtful enough to ask about *me*, and how my plight is coming along.

I'm entirely too sleepy considering what time I went to bed last night, but everyone seems to think I should go to bed soon. I still feel like I'm ramping up, in general, but tomorrow is a new day, so maybe I should listen to everyone else ;-)

Renewed energy.

My father told me something last night, and it made me sad.

He told me that when he said goodbye to Hubby on Sunday, he said to him, "You take good care of yourself, and we'll take good care of E." Dad has taken Hubby into the family as one of his own sons, and I know he loves him like he was his own flesh and blood. He told me that when he told Hubby that he loved him on Sunday, Hubby said, "Love you too, and I don't say that very often."

And then, last night when he was recounting the story, Dad told me, "You need to work hard so that you can get down there with him as soon as possible."

I'm sitting here, in a warm house with a full fridge, a car, a (sometimes) loving cat, and my mother to spend time with in the evenings, and I'm feeling sorry for myself.

I'd already lost sight of why I came home to work, and why I want to get this finished ASAP.


(All images copyright E. Boudreau)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Somewhat organized.

I finally opened up the banker's boxes that have all of my papers in them... and started putting stacks, according to topic, over this huge desk.

I feel a bit better.

I am hungry, though, and I'm trying to wait until Mom comes home before digging into supper - my special potato salad, and some kielbasa and cheese. Yum.

And, without any introduction - one of the eyelash scarves I made before Christmas.

I gave this one to the best friend of the Fleece Artist, because she has a pink wool coat. I thought I had a pic of the other scarf, too, but I can't find it. It's white with a very subtle color-blend of mint green, yellow, pink and blue, and it ended up with my Godmother. I know I have a couple of balls left, in the new apartment in the new country, so I can photograph them when I finally move.

Argh. Maybe more tea will help.

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)


I knew this was going to happen. It always happens.

The process of moving out of the apartment and moving home was planned within an inch of its life. Even so, I'm still constantly running up against distractions and screw-ups.

The last few days in the apartment came upon us out of nowhere, and I quickly realized that my productivity was going to drop to zero without my even trying to slack off. And, I was Ok with that. I knew it would take a little while to adapt to new surroundings, and being without Hubby to talk to all hours of the day.

I didn't really realize how much I depended on having him around to keep me calm.

I allowed myself to take Sunday completely off, and not even worry about working. It was only a little relaxing (even though sleeping in was heavenly). I found myself immediately falling into my worst habits - taking care of everyone else. I made dinner last night for Mom, and made sure she got to bed early. This morning, though, she had some fairly substantial dental work done quite early. I got out of bed, made myself some coffee, and had breakfast. And, when she got home, I made sure she was OK, got her some ibuprofen, and set her down for a nap.

And now... now what?

I'm sitting here, in the basement (the TV isn't even on), and my boxes of papers are all circled nicely around me, the computer is set up (complete with functioning internet so I can do database searching), and I'm absolutely paralytic.

The thought of opening up the thesis document, even just reading it over, makes me sick to my stomach. All I want to do is call Hubby and ask for some reassurance, but I don't want to throw him off his game down there. He's so excited about the new city and the new apartment and the new job, and I don't want him spending his time worrying that I'm OK.

(not to mention the fact that, as a 29-year-old woman, I'm being lectured by my father - who's 1000km away - about phone bills and how I can't talk to my husband when I need to because it costs too much money)

It's strange to feel like the adult in the house, and like a highschooler, both at the same time.

This is really thesis-based; perhaps I'll double-post.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Somewhat settled.

I'm finally home at my parents' place, and we've managed to bring everything into the house. I have all of the boxes of important papers in the basement with my workstation, but they're not organized at all. I think I'll organize today, and start writing tomorrow.

I talked to Hubby this morning. Dad left him to drive back, so he's now officially independent. He sounds like he's still in a good mood, and he's going to walk around a bit today. He has church, then a little bit of exploring. Tomorrow is a holiday, so he doesn't have to be at work. Hopefully he'll be able to figure out how to set up internet in the new apartment - this cross-border long distance thing is going to kill us.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The eagle has landed.

Hubby just called; they're in the new apartment, doing an inspection.

  • The hardwood floor is gorgeous
  • The doorknobs are glass
  • The woodwork is old and beautiful
  • The kitchen sink has a functional spray nozzle
  • There is plenty of sunlight streaming in

  • The stairwells are very narrow and twisty, and we're on the top floor
  • There's no elevator
  • The paint on the woodwork has more layers than a redwood has rings
  • The kitchen is much smaller than we thought, once the table is in, and we didn't gain much counter space
  • The closets are very small

I haven't seen any pics yet, since they have no internet access; I'll have to wait until he gets to work. I guess it's in a slightly different neighborhood than Hubby thought, and that kind of freaked me out a bit, but he says it's still really good. I'll feel better once I get down there, of course, but I can't let myself worry too much until then.

Off to do more errands. Blech.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The sun always comes out eventually

So, the storms seem to have passed, both here and where Hubby and Dad are driving. The sun is shining all along the East Coast, although the wind is brisk and cold. They're a full 18 hours ahead of schedule, that being based on when he has to pick up the keys to the new apartment before their office closes.

They're safe, warm, fed, and happy. And, they're even planning on crashing at a motel again tonight, to rest up for the unloading that lies ahead. I don't have to worry too much about them, at least for another 15 hours. I'm leapfrogging through these last days here - a bit of calm and quiet in between updates from them wherever they happen to be.

Here, well, it's a mess ;-)

I managed to steam clean the bedroom carpet, but I have to wait until it's dry before moving some furniture in; the new tenant is buying our bookshelves and dresser, so there's quite a bit of stuff staying.

The rest of the apartment has so much junk strewn through that it makes me want to crawl under my air mattress and forget about it. I can't, though; Mom's coming up to move me and my papers back home to finish up, and if she sees the apartment in this state, she'll have kittens.

So, what is my plan to take care of all this mess?

I'm going to the movies.

One of my closest friends, who bought me the Fleece Artist, is staying behind, and we've been living in the same city for 25 of our 28 years. She's happy here, and I'm guessing will likely be enfianced shortly, but we both don't like to talk about the fact that I'm leaving.

The good thing is, both she and the almost-fiancé love to travel, and will be planning a trip to visit us in the new apartment in the new country by the end of the year.

I'll be home after the early show, and ready to throw junk away, and pack the remaining bits that'll have to be shipped down to Hubby. It's really not too bad, it just looks worse than it is.

And, because I have no pictures of the apartment to show, and none emailed of the new one yet, I give you. . . Christmas Cheesecake.

White chocolate and peppermint cheesecake, decorated with crushed candy canes and white chocolate truffles.

It was, in fact, divine. The bonus was, we had so much company that I only ate one piece. Otherwise I probably would've picked at it until a quarter of it was gone, and my jeans wouldn't have survived the strain.

I also made cupcakes - here are the mini ones, with either snowflakes or holly:

Yarn. I forgot about yarn. This is what my mother's Christmas socks looked like before I got started (hopefully she'll get them before the summer, but I'm not sure if that's realistic):

And just because it's sunny out there, here's one of the tulips that Hubby gave me for an early Valentine's Day present:

I'll leave you with my cat, Booger, who is making his first appearance on this blog (although he's been seen on my other one before). He knows how to let the worries of the world melt away.

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I get by with a little help from my friends...

Well, I didn't spend Valentine's Day, Anti or otherwise, alone, thanks to my lovely friend and neighbor. She invited me over for a double-play of Lost and American Idol, complete with rice krispie squares AND popcorn.

I have a bit of a headache, but I think it's resulting a bit from relief. Hubby and Dad called, and they're checked into a motel tonight. This huge winter storm that's hitting the northeastern US and eastern Canada is affecting their travel plans - they drove a stretch that normally takes about four hours, but it took them nearly seven hours by the time they decided it was getting a bit too slick.

I've talked to him about once every 2 hours since they left, and it's OK. I think eating and shutting my brain off helped. Tomorrow is going to be fairly busy, I have a couple of copies of Hubby's thesis to get bound, and finally put in a change of address request. Not to mention the cleaning.

(I'd take a pic, but Hubby has the camera for import purposes)


All the noises in here are bouncing off the empty walls, and they sound loud and hollow.

Anti-Valentine's Day


I'm still here, in my apartment of the last 5 years, and I have with me the following:

1 air mattress
1 laptop with functioning internet connection (until Saturday)
1 suitcase clothes
1 microwave
5 microwave pizzas
1 pile of thesis-related crap


0 husbands.

:-( My dad and my hubby left around 4PM this afternoon, to drive to the new apartment, in the new country, where my new life will start without me, while I finish up my thesis.

I knew it would be hard, but this really sucks. And I'm not the schmoopy type, either, but I'm now acutely aware of the fact that in the past 3 years we haven't spent more than 4 hours apart in a row. Now I have to wait 2 months to see him again.

My neighbor, who happens to be a close friend, is coming home shortly. Nobody took her TV (bitch!) so we're going to watch the tube together for a bit, and then I'm going to try and sleep.

Tomorrow is a big clean-up day. Oh, what joy. Not.

Monday, February 12, 2007


I just packed my entire stash, and I won't see it for two whole months.... I nearly cried.

But, I did take some photos before putting everything in the box!

First, my four Socks that Rock - Highway 30, Apple Valley Rd, Rocktober, and Sealrock. I love them with a soulful depth that I'm a bit ashamed of.

Secondly, my trekking sock. Each side has a lace/travelling cable panel that runs from the cuff to the heel... or at least, that's what I'm planning, along with an eye of partridge heelflap.

It's my first experience with trekking, and I like it almost as much as the STR.

Ok... there's plenty of stuff left to pack, so I'd better get to it.

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)

It's . . .

. . . me.

The move, the thesis, the knitting, and my sanity.

Well, I don't think I've ever felt so much in limbo. It's really throwing me off my game, and I'm not impressed with myself.

I was going to try and separate the two parts of my life, thesis and non-thesis, but I can't promise anything. For some strange reason, looking at the other blog gives me anxiety attacks, so I may just post here, with the calming white background.

I passed in some thesis work to the boss, and I'm not sure how it'll go. So, I'm trying not to think about it, even though it would be really great if I didn't waste the next three days.

My apartment is in shambles, and there's still a good part of it that isn't packed. I'm leaving all of my work stuff until last, since I'll be here for a couple of days post-move to put it together.

My hub is moving to the new apartment without me. I have to stay here in Canada to finish my thesis. And I haven't really even started to process that yet. I've known him for almost 10 years, and in the past five we've seen each other every day, save two early Christmas vacations where we had to go to separate provinces.

I'm so scared about writing up without him here, even more so than I was when my brother left. My husband is my best friend, and I know that lots of couples live apart for even longer than our piddly little two months, but this is horrible :-(

I also didn't dig out the knitting to take more pics, but I'll see what I can do in the next two days. If nothing works out, I'll try and take pictures of my mother's knitting, since I'm staying with her while finishing up.

I'm also going to do this little ditty in the next few minutes, and post the results.... Maybe it'll calm my brain enough to do some more real work.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Yarny pictures

So, no knitting progress. Still. :(

But, I can't completely ignore my stash. So, here are my two favourite things of the moment:

1. A Fleece Artist scarf kit that I got as a late Christmas present. Fleece Artist is made near my hometown, so I'm taking it with me to the new apartment in the new country, and it will be my first knit down there, to remind me of home.

2. The trekking I bought before Christmas. The color isn't really true, but it's close. I don't have a picture of the sock I started, but I'll see if I can dig it out of the packed box and take one before it moves with my husband to the new apartment and the new country. Otherwise it won't be seen until the end of April, when I finish my thesis and move down permanently.

I'll try and post a picture of the Christmas cheesecake soon. I've packed all of my baking pans, too. I really have no distractions as excuses anymore :-)

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)

Thursday, February 1, 2007

100 things about me...

I feel late to the game on this one, but I have a meeting in an hour, so I figured I'd use the time to catch up. They're going to be random, since my brain is random lately.

1. I am a Taurus.
2. I exhibit typical Taurus tendencies.
3. I have an older brother and a younger brother.
4. I am a typical middle child.
5. I'm also a typical "daddy's girl".
6. I've been crafting since my first clear memories.
7. I've tried pretty much every form of art and craft, except for stained glass and decoupage.
8. I love knitting (quel surprise).
9. I hate cross-stitch with a passion.
10. I really enjoy sewing, provided the articles are more or less useless.
11. I have sewn only one article of clothing in 20 years of sewing.
12. My favourite sewn article is my mom's quilted Christmas tree skirt that I made for her 10 years ago.
13. My least favourite is the angel I made 14 years ago, but she still uses it.
14. I once sewed 45 stuffed animals, all 3" tall, for my Brownie troup when I was their youth leader; my title was "Sunny Owl" and I appliquéed a sunburst onto the back of each.
15. I'll never mass produce anything again.
16. My first real completed knitted object was a headband, garter stitch, in 1987.
17. My biggest knitted object is a double-seed-stitch scarf that is 8' long and 1' wide. It took me three years.
18. I typically do crafts when I'm trying to avoid schoolwork.
19. I am a scientist.
20. I wanted to be writer, but hated my university English classes, so I let it slide.
21. I love benchwork, unless the experiments fail right off the bat; then I get frustrated.
22. I get frustrated at the bench a lot.
23. I think that cooking is more like art than science, even though they say scientists make good cooks.
24. I believe cooking recipes are meant to be mucked with.
25. I love baking and decorating gourmet cheesecakes.
26. I can't bake good cookies.
27. I've never made the same cheesecake twice, because I never follow a recipe (but they always work!)
28. I muck with knitting patterns even more than recipes - I've only made one object using the recommended yarn and following all the instructions.
29. I met my husband in church.
30. I'm Roman Catholic.
31. I'm also a hard-core evolutionary biologist.
32. I believe science and religion are totally reconcilable.
33. I also think that God sits up there laughing His ass off. All. The. Time.
34. One of my favourite snacks is toast and cheez whiz, with chocolate milk.
35. I drink skim milk when I eat salt and vinegar chips.
36. I'm very messy.
37. I procrastinate like crazy.
38. I'm a sometimes-coffee-addict. When I'm on, I'm on, but I can go weeks without.
39. I collect ladybugs.
40. I can drink tequila better than most men I know. Without salt or lemon, if necessary.
41. I am an extreme night owl. The day's productivity doesn't usually start until 4pm.
42. I have constant insomnia, and have never fallen asleep in less than an hour.
43. I spent an entire summer sleeping in until 3pm, and I didn't have a night job to justify it.
44. I have autumn coloring, but I love pink clothes.
45. Most of my close friends are in the arts and humanities, and hate science.
46. Some days, I hate it too.
47. I love rollercoasters.
48. I'm an obsessive planner when it comes to travelling.
49. I talk to my mom every day.
50. I am a Mac person.
51. My husband is a PC person (but is buying a Mac next! woo-hoo!)
52. I have a hard time thinking of 100 things about myself.
53. I've never lived outside of Canada, but I'm moving to the US in 2 weeks.
54. I have many allergies, both normal and strange, including cats, dogs, pollen, dust, scented detergents, most perfumes, fresh strawberries, a certain brand of black tea, and synthetic hormones (incl. birth control). I break out in the oddest hives (the dermatologist wanted to study me), and they sometimes appear during times of stress.
55. I have been in school constantly since kindergarten; that's 24 years without a sabbatical.
56. I have an adorable Godchild, and she has already received 2 handknit gifts.
57. I'm a cat person, but love bulldogs.
58. (for the Canadians) - One year, for Tim Horton's Roll Up the Rim contest, I won on a full third of my coffees, including a free barbecue.
59. One of the saddest things about moving to our new apartment is giving up my free barbecue, but it's going to a good home.
60. I had hair down to my knees for my entire childhood.
61. I now can't stand it if my hair hits my shoulders.
62. My favourite kitchen appliance is my kitchenaid mixer.
63. I'm ambidextrous, but can't knit backwards.
64. I collect classic Disney movies.
65. I've never been admitted to a hospital, although I've spent countless hours in emergency with my brother (appendicitis and subsequent adhesions) and my husband (hypoglycemia and Norwalk).
66. I love post-its and crayola.
67. I am my paternal grandmother's only granddaughter, since my father was an only child, and her name is my middle name.
68. I was named after my maternal grandmother, who died when Mom was a child, but we didn't know it until long after I was born, and we found her marriage certificate.
69. People come to me for advice all the time, but I'm terrible at following my own.
70. I love mushrooms, but didn't eat a single one until I was 24 years old.
71. I think everyone who even remotely likes to cook should invest in good pots and good knives. We got both for our wedding, and they're the only thing we couldn't live without. Those, and my kitchenaid ;-)
72. I own an espresso machine, but only use it approximately 5 times a year.
73. My favourite knitting accessory is my stitch dictionary (I wrote two patterns the day I got it); my favourite yarn at the moment is Socks that Rock.
74. I can play the violin, but only traditional celtic music.
75. I love trashy reality TV, and often watch it over the phone with my dad.
76. I was never in a wedding until my own.
77. I'm obsessed with shoes.
78. I read my favourite books over and over again, and always manage to find some new interpretation or detail.
79. I've never been able to understand crochet, which has driven me insane, until I found a new online tutorial website. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll let you know if it ends up being helpful.
80. I was a really smart kid in grade school, but learned in grad school that grades don't make a damn bit of difference.
81. I can't keep plants alive, but my husband could grow a victorian garden out of dust and a couple of seeds.
82. The only rose my husband ever gave me was on our first date; he likes lilies, and we had them at our wedding. We found out that my maternal grandmother carried the same ones at her wedding, when we saw her wedding picture last year - the second eerie coincidence.
83. I don't always believe in coincidences.
84. I don't completely believe in fate, either.
85. Twins run in my family, and in my husband's family.
86. I've always wanted to have children, but never really thought a lot about actually going for it.
87. I got pregnant on the first try, but I lost the baby.
88. I'm hoping to have my first child in the US, so s/he can be a dual citizen.
89. I really don't care where s/he is born, though, as long as s/he is healthy.
90. I'm an eternally optimistic person.
91. I'm starting to use blogging as a way to avoid doing thesis work.
92. Since I got my good knives, I've discovered that I absolutely love to chop vegetables. It makes me feel like a real chef.
93. I miss living in the same city as my brothers, even though I know that I was lucky to have them so close for so long.
94. I hate to iron clothes, but love to wear ironed clothes.
95. I'm really good at packing boxes when I put my mind to it.
96. I don't understand the fuss about getting older; I'm looking forward to the milestone years.
97. I designed my engagement ring with my husband, and I'm so glad that I had input.
98. I'm having a three-coffee day.
99. My favourite day of the week is Thursday.
100. I used to be a size 18-20, but now I'm a size 12-14; I am completely happy with my figure, and hope that women everywhere can be both healthy and happy even if they're not a size 4.