Friday, January 26, 2007

An unbroken vow.

Wow, that sounds dramatic :-)

When the whole thesis thing got out of hand, along with my health problems, I made a sincere promise to Hub that I wouldn't pick up my needles until the thesis was done. You see, I'm really good at finding distractions that I can justify - knitting useful objects like socks and scarves are my favourite ones, it seems.

So, no knitting. Not even when I had to wait for three hours in the passport office to get mine renewed before we start this whole move away/come back to write thesis/travel back down business.

Three. Whole. Hours.

I could've finished mom's socks, or even worked on the ones I started with the trekking I bought before the holidays.

But, a promise is a promise.

Monday will be stressful - Hub is defending his doctorate thesis. That would be prime knitting time ;-)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Updates, and disappointments.

It's been interesting, to say the least.

Mom's socks didn't get finished, but two eyelash yarn scarves did. I know the pics are somewhere, but I don't have the energy to dig them out now.

I never wanted to turn either one of my blogs into personal exposés, but I feel the need to post why my productivity, both knitting wise and school wise, has dropped to nil.

We were gearing up for a great, relaxing Christmas vacation, with some knitting, some reading, even some work. It started off quite hopefully. But, it didn't last.

My husband and I suffered a miscarriage on January 3rd, a baby that we had planned, and welcomed, and loved.

Ever since it was confirmed, I haven't wanted to pick up my needles, even for a little stress-relief from my thesis. Knitting was integrated into this vacation, as much as the baby was. I know once we move, and my thesis is done (move in a month, thesis done by the end of April), I'll be able to relax and pick it up again. I'll probably relish it, particularly if I haven't found a job yet and have a little extra time in between interviews.

That was followed up by a family illness on January 7th, and we contracted Norwalk virus on January 13th, so those distractions have, oddly enough, helped.

Deep breaths help, too.