Monday, August 14, 2006

Socks that will, indeed, rock.

When I should be studying and writing, I instead daydream about all the lovely things I'd like to buy to expand my stash, and plan out what I'll make with them.

One of them arrived the other day - Blue Moon Socks that Rock in Sealrock. They hung out on my deck in the sun for a short time:

I've been coveting this stuff for months, and three weeks ago (after having a particularly good day) I went ahead and ordered these two lovelies. They arrived early (yay!) and actually fit into my tiny apartment-building mailbox, which was a nice surprise.

Now, I don't have one of those fancy umbrella swifts or ball winders, although I covet them too. I do have my own hands to wind, and hubby's arms as a swift ;-) so I did wind one skein up last night and knit a swatch. I'll take pics later, but I'm thinking it'll be a modified sock using Marilyn Roberts' Crusoe stitch pattern - it looks great with these colors!

(And, no, I haven't gotten any more done on my thesis. Shaddup.)

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)

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