Friday, August 11, 2006

Baby hats...

Here are those babyhats I mentioned over there... two of them have already been sent out to their respective babies, and the last one is waiting for its baby to be born.

This was my first one; it's on its way across the country to a tiny baby girl named Olivia, and her mom who I shared an office with. It's white with little pink and purple flecks, and a matching pink ribbon since Olivia decided to be a girl.

This one is going in a different direction across the country, to my Godchild, N., and my best friend, who happens to be her mom. It's the most delicious baby wool blend with little fluffs of pink, blue, yellow, and purple, and was a joy to knit.

This one is waiting for its owner... our lab tech is waiting for its owner too ;-) The purple ribbon may be changed to pink or blue, or I might just leave it (the bonnet itself is rainbow variegated).

(ETA: Baby decided to be a lovely, big girl {10lbs!}, and her hame is Adrienne)

Here's a shot of the top spiral decreases... it also shows off those cute little fluffs.

And, for the astute among you, they are indeed being blocked on a pilates ball. Yes, I have no shame.

(All images copyright E. Boudreau)

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